Contract Law

Contract Law: Can Anyone Make a Contract?

A pen next to a box on a contract that says "I Agree"

Find out who can make a contract in our detailed analysis, including the types of people who may not be able to enter into contracts.

Contract Law: Can a Court Order That a Contract Be Upheld?

The U.S. Supreme Court building, where an enforceable contract legal case is being decided

Find out how courts determine whether contracts can be upheld and enforced by the rule of law.

Contract Law: Are Form Contracts and Online Contracts Legally Binding?

Men shaking hands for an online contract on smartphone devices

Many people have questions about form contracts and online contracts. Find the answers here!

Contract Law: How Can You Get Out of a Contract?

Black pen on the signature line of a contract

Discover how contracts can be broken and what legal implications this can produce here.

Contract Law: An In-Depth Examination

Two people sign a contract

Explore contract law in-depth with our complete guide, including contract law examples and how its enforced.

Contract Law: A Look at the Basics

Contract law basics

We examine contract law basics in this in-depth guide, including what it is, why it’s needed, and how to make a contract!