The Litigation Process

Civil Litigation: The Conflicts of Law Explained

A person putting down the words legal and illegal in a conflict of law case

We examine the conflicts of law in detail and explore how they’re resolved between different jurisdictions in the United States.

When Can You Make A Federal Case Out Of It?

federal supreme court building

Federal and state court cases differ in several key ways. Find out what separates these two levels of the American judicial system.

Civil Litigation: What Happens Post-Trial?

A judge's gavel rests in a courtroom post-trial

Explore what happens post-trial in the civil litigation process, including how appeals courts work and other post-trial procedures.

How Is A Jury Selected?

jury selection process

Judges and attorneys go to great lengths in order to select an impartial and competent jury. Find out how.

Civil Litigation: Examples of Civil Cases

A court room where civil cases take place

Explore examples of civil cases in-depth and discover how civil law differs from criminal law in the United States.

What Are The 4 Types Of Evidence?

evidence board

There are four types of evidence that are admissible in court. Find out what they are.

Civil Litigation: A Comprehensive Guide To Court Procedure

trial court featured image

Millions of Americans will have to appear in court at some point in their lives. Find out everything you need to know about court procedure.