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James Notaris

New York, New York

Jim Notaris is an attorney and certified public accountant (CPA), and he maintains affiliations with professional organizations that include, in part, the American Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association, the American Institute of CPAs, and the New York State Society of CPAs. Mr. Notaris worked for and reached partner level in law and accounting firms before migrating to buy-out and venture capital.


Corporate Law

Merges & Acquisitions

Area of Expertise:

Franchise Law


Masters of Education

About James Notaris

Seasoned and broad track record in acquisitions and start-ups, law, finance, power generation and infrastructure assets, tech, PE and VC.

Career path encompasses Accounting Degree => CPA => Law School => Attorney => Law and CPA Firms => Mergers and Acquisition firm => Managing Director of Mergers, Acquisition and Development firm => founded and financed business and tech start-ups and acquisitions => PE and VC.

Jim Notaris is a member of the American Bar Association Forum of Franchising.

He has extensive experience in the acquisition, sale, ownership, formation and operation of franchisors and franchisees, and all associated intellectual property, legal and financial matters.

Extensive legal, accounting, finance and entrepreneurial background.

Jim Notaris holds a juris doctorate degree from New York Law and an accounting/finance degree from SUNY Buffalo.

Also, involved in local government issues, married, 4 sons, coached 6 baseball and basketball teams to date, and endured USTA tennis tournament play for 2 sons.

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